Elle Toussi | About
Elle Toussi is a cross-platform journalist, immersive storyteller, tech enthusiast and founder of In One Minute.
Elle Toussi, Journalist, Immersive, Storyteller, International, Technology, media, digital media, immersive storytelling, 360, VR, travel.
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As a cross-platform, innovative storyteller, Elle Toussi started her career in journalism reporting about the Hollywood and film industry. During this time she interviewed some of the top filmmakers, producers and actors in the industry. She covered initiatives including Film Forward with Sundance and the reactions of nominees for the Oscars.

Over the years her international travel has grown and the locations she has reported from include Jordan, Mexico, Canada, Kosovo, New Zealand and various countries in the European region. Her projected locations for travel in 2017 include: Lebanon, Turkey, South Korea, Croatia, South Africa, UAE, Morocco, Myanmar and Nepal.

Her skillsets and foundation is due to her unique exposure to training and mentorship under the guidance of industry experts from USA Today, NBC Los Angeles, KTLA, CNN. Following her time covering the film industry, she headed to work for National Geographic Channel in DC.

It was during her time in Jordan covering the refugee situation in 2014 that she began the journey of her non-profit In One Minute. The initiatives include immersive storytelling and mobile technology solutions in the locations IOM ventures to tell the narratives. One person at a time, one minute at a time. Beta launches have started back in the region that inspired the inception in 2017.